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Strong focus on job relevant skills thereby helping in placements is our key belief. We have an extensive industry network to help clients. Clients get continuous guidance from our experienced trainers on job applications, interview preparation, conduct mock interviews if required and referring CVs to various companies as and when suitable.

Placement Guidance

Our institute members have proven track record with global analytics experience. They are drawn from leading consulting and technology firms. Together our team has over 50 years of global analytics experience spread across various domains like Telecom, Hi-Tech, Retail, Risk, Banking and Finance.

Distinct Institute

Our institute members have proven track record with global analytics experience. They are drawn from leading consulting and technology firms and the institute is a training arm of Summit Consulting Ltd Together our team has achieved years of great experience globally

Effective Pedagogy

High degree of commitment & personal attention is given through small batch size and individual counselling. Hands-on sessions and practice assignments on real life business datasets are included to ensure assimilated learning.

Our approach stands in contrast to the industry’s trend of selling certification and visages of lucratively-linked careers because we are aware of what serious IT or ICT hiring managers and their respective organizations expect & demand.

This is best achieved when the concepts and thorough lessons presented are thoroughly absorbed, deliberated, imitated and retained. As a desirable by-product, you will invariably learn more about ancillary matters i.e. Windows, OSI ,Linux, System Level internals by studying with us.

Ideally, one should use IFIS as a reference library, over a designated period, resulting in eventual mastery of traditional OF skills, which sets the stage for broad career prospects and heightened computing in any environment.


IFIS provides comprehensive and realistic business-critical Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions for those responsible for and/or considering a career in a typical heterogeneous computing environment. Our approach is resolute because it does emphasize trusted certification from various certification vendors. We have created certification products in order to address primarily diverse business requirements, and secondarily desired objectives.

Certification objectives have been aligned with business needs. The rapid shakeout of the initial, speculatively-driven, post-dotcom boom economy is evidence of that trend. Nevertheless, computer science at most colleges & universities, training institutions and other providers continue to promote the development of expertise that is either driven by prospective employers and/or irrelevant in today’s more open, flexible and varied, yet demanding business environment, resulting in ill-prepared IT | ICT personnel.











IFIS Certified Professionals should be consistent with their obligation to the public at large, should promote the understanding of information processing methods and procedures using every resource at their command. IFIS Certified Professionals have an obligation to their profession to uphold the high ideals and level of personal knowledge as evidenced by the Certificate held. They should also encourage the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the development of the ICT security, forensics and fraud Profession.

IFIS Certified Professionals have an obligation to serve the interests of their employers and clients loyally, diligently and honestly. IFIS Certified Professionals must not engage in any conduct or commit any act which is a discredit to the reputation or integrity of the information processing profession.

IFIS Certified Professionals must not imply that the Certificates which they hold are their sole claim to professional competence. IFIS certified 

and trained professionals must continue seeking for knowledge considering the changing nature of the field in which they operate.

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