Business Continuity Plan/Disaster
Recovery Training

Course Code: IFIS/SCR/RM002

What You Will Learn?

  • Implement a Business Continuity Management Systems( BCMS)
  • Set BCM in the Organizational context
  • Perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify business priorities and mission critical assets
  • Testing a Business Continuity Program/Disaster Recovery Program.
  • Coordinate the response following an incident
  • Text, maintain, and improve the BCMS
  • Restore critical Processed assets following a disaster

1 Day, UGX 500,000


  • Certificate of completion
  • Full access to study materials
  • Access to summit ACADEMY

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About Course

Several challenges lie on the road to establishing and running a successful company. On January 10th 2009, one of the local Banks which had its server room located in the Basement of their office Block found the entire Basement flooded including the core banking server. This led to massive outage and loss of revenue. It took five days to set the business back to normal. Disasters can strike at any moment, and service outages can cost you both your reputation and money. Without a tested business continuity and disaster recovery plan, the bank could have collapsed.

In line with this, the Institute of Forensics and ICT Security has organized a training in Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery Planning for Financial Institutions.

Course Outline as Introduction to BCP

  • Program Initiation and management: What is BCP/DR?
  • Understanding Risk and Risk evaluations
  • Business Impact analysis, Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), PRO, MTD and WRT.
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Incident response
  • Plan development and Implementation
  • Awareness and training programs for BCP’s
  • Crisis Communications plans and BCP/DRP team mgt.
  • Coordination with External Agencies

Target Audience

This course is valuable for anyone involved in governance and Risk Management including those responsible for:

  1. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Service Delivery.
  2. Line and Project management, Facilities
  3. Human Resource
  4. Finance.
  5.  Risk and compliance Managers

Duration and Fees

Duration: 1 day
Pricing: UGX 500,000 per person

OR Custom in house training at a venue of your choice
Fee: Negotiable. Call 0393517236 / 256 784270586


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