Cyber Security for Cloud Computing Training

Course Code: IFIS/CC/002

About this Course

As more and more organizations embrace cloud computing, a demand to keep your organization’s files, applications, and accounts safe has come up.

In this course, we outline the major cloud security risks, some of which have resulted in service disruptions and show how to plan for and minimize risk when it comes to your own cloud deployments.

Target Audience

  • I.T practitioners
  • Cyber security managers
  • Top managers
  • Anyone interested in I.T security at organizational level.

Learning Outcomes

In this one-day course You will learn new concepts such as software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service, and the differences between public and private clouds. Then after, you will review the cloud security best practices.

Course Outline

Topic 1: Cloud security fundamentals
Topic 2: Setting up your Cloud security
Topic 3: Cloud security architecture

Application/ Relevance of this course

  • This training will help you and your company to secure your files as you use cloud computing.

Duration and Fees

Duration: 1 day
Pricing: $150

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