Cyber Security Risk Management Training

Course Code: IFIS/SCE/CS005

About this Course

IT departments worldwide depend on a blend of strategies, technologies and user awareness to defend an organization against cybersecurity attacks that can compromise systems, steal data and other valuable confidential information, and damage an enterprise’s reputation. As the volume and severity of cyber-attacks grow, the need for cybersecurity risk management grows with it.

Cybersecurity risk management is all about taking the idea of real-world risk management and applying it to cybersecurity. It encompasses recognizing your risks and vulnerabilities and applying administrative actions and all-inclusive solutions to make sure your organization is satisfactorily protected.

Target Audience

  • I.T practitioners
  • Cyber security managers
  • Top managers
  • Anyone interested in I.T security at organizational level.

Learning Outcomes

In this two-days course, you will cover key topics, including risk assessment; business impact analysis concepts; personnel management; security education and compliance training; disaster recovery; and preparing for incident response.

Course Outline

Topic 1: Security controls and risks
Topic 2: Risk assessment and management
Topic 3: Supply chain risk management
Topic 4: Internal control and personnel management
Topic 5: Employee awareness and training
Topic 6: Preparing for incident response
Topic 7: Business continuity and disaster recovery
Topic 8: Data security and privacy

Application/ Relevance of this course

  • This training will help you and your organization to prepare for and handle cybersecurity incidents before they escalate into emergencies and eventually disasters using effective risk management processes.

Duration and Fees

Duration: 2 days
Pricing: $350

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