Cyber Threat Intelligence

Course Code: IFIS/SCA/CS007

About this Course

Cyber threat intelligence presents an opportunity for organizations looking to establish or update their response and detection programs to deal with increasingly sophisticated threats. Malware is an adversary’s tool, but the real threat is the human one, and cyber threat intelligence focuses on countering those flexible and persistent human threats with empowered and trained human defenders. This course is unlike any other technical training you have experienced. It focuses on structured analysis in order to establish a solid foundation for any security skillset and to amplify existing skills.

Course Outline

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence introduction
  • The Fundamental Skillset: Intrusion Analysis
  • Collection Sources
  • Analysis and Dissemination of Intelligence
  • Higher-Order Analysis and Attribution

What You Will Learn?

  • Develop analysis skills to better comprehend, synthesize, and leverage complex scenarios
  • Identify and create intelligence requirements through practices such as threat modelling
  • Understand and develop skills in tactical, operational, and strategic-level threat intelligence
  • Generate threat intelligence to detect, respond to, and defeat focused and targeted threats
  • Validate information received externally to minimize the costs of bad intelligence
  • Learn the different sources to collect adversary data and how to exploit and pivot off of it
  • Create Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in formats such as YARA, OpenIOC, and STIX
  • Move security maturity past IOCs into understanding and countering the behavioral tradecraft of threats
  • Establish structured analytical techniques to be successful in any security role

Target Audience

  • Attorneys, legal professionals and law enforcement personnel
  • Controllers and corporate managers
  • Detectives and private investigators
  • Governance, risk management and compliance officers
  • IT professionals
  • Loss prevention and security professionals

Duration and Fees

Duration: 2 days
Pricing: $350

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