Tracing and Recovering Fraud losses

Course Code: IFIS/SCA/F004

About this Course

After a fraud case has been successfully been solved and the perpetrators convicted, most victims of the fraud believe they have had closure; but that is not true. A fraud investigation only ends after the losses caused by that fraud have been recovered. This is what this course is all about.
Recovering fraud losses is crucial to resolving the fraudulent crime, and it is often intricate due to fraud’s characteristically stealthy nature. Fraud examiners must be prepared to deal with the strategic, organizational, investigative and legal challenges of tracing and recovering the hidden proceeds of fraud.

There is a number of tools that a fraud examiner can use to trace illegitimate funds and recover hidden assets. This training course provides an overview of the resources, legal considerations and techniques to prepare for and conduct an asset recovery examination.

Target Audience

  • Asset recovery specialists
  • Detectives and private investigators
  • Government employees
  • Forensic and management accountants
  • Internal and external auditors, CPAs and CAs
  • Loss prevention and security professionals
  • Certified Fraud Examiners and other anti-fraud professionals

Course Outline

  • Defining Computer Forensics
  • Reasons for gathering evidence
  • Who uses Computer Forensics
  • Steps of Computer Forensics
  • Handling Evidence
  • Investigation initiation / response
  • Handling Information
  • Requirements
  • Anti-Forensics
  • Evidence processing guidelines
  • Methods of hiding Information/data
  • Methods of discovering information/data

Learning Objectives

  • Play an important role in recovery as a fraud examiner
  • Structure an asset recovery examination
  • Recover fraud losses from third parties
  • Use financial records and data analytics to locate hidden assets
  • Comply with legal aspects and considerations faced in this line of work

Applications/relevancy to the economy

  • Stolen Assets recovery
  • Stolen asset tracing

Duration and Fees

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Fees: $ 200

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