This programme is about exploring the aspects of risk management in a digital world. It equips the students with knowledge and skills predicting, identifying and managing risk in a digital world.

This is a two-year programme which equips graduates with knowledge and technical (practical) skills in Risk Management. The duration is broken down into four semesters.

Cyber threat intelligence presents an opportunity for organizations looking to establish or update their response and detection programs to deal with increasingly sophisticated threats. Malware is an adversary’s tool, but the real threat is the human one, and cyber threat intelligence focuses on countering those flexible and persistent human threats with empowered

As business transactions increase, so does the rise in contract management and the outsourcing of goods and services. This has led to an increase in procurement fraud, which can occur at any stage of the contracting and procurement process.

The course is aligned with leading IT governance, Cyber Security Standards and Best Practices and is designed to empower you with practical skills to design, deploy and manage an efficient and cost effective cyber security regime for your organisation and clients.

This course is the first step to learn the most effective steps to prevent cybercrime occurrences and identify threats with hands on techniques that you can directly apply when you get back to work. You will learn from practical sessions delivered by professionals in the field with many years of experience.

Several challenges lie on the road to establishing and running a successful company. On January 10th 2009, one of the local Banks which had its server room located in the Basement of their office Block found the entire Basement flooded including the core banking server.

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