Do you know anything in cyber security, Digital forensics, Fraud and Risk Management? Find out if you really understand any of these fields by taking the quizzes below

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is big news at the moment, with hacks making headlines and cybercriminals threatening to cause chaos.
Are you Cyber Savvy? Do you know your phishing from your ransoms and all cybersecurity threats? Why not take the quizzes below to find out how much you really know…

Test your knowledge in the basics of cybersecurity with this quiz

Test your knowledge of intrusion detection and prevention systems with this quiz

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a crucial aspect of law and business in the internet age and can be a rewarding and lucrative career path.  You might decide that Digital forensics is the career path for you and it’s a fascinating one. With all that said, there is a need to test your knowledge Digital forensics by taking the quizzes below.

How well do you know your Digital Forensics facts? Test your knowledge now with this quiz


Scammers are sneaky, dont be fooled.  They use lots of tricks to gain peoples’ trust. Then they get people to send money, documents, account details and any other sensitive information and attempt to steal it. Smart people fall for scams every day. Test your knowledge about fraud today by taking the quizzes below.

How well do you know your fraud facts? Test your knowledge on Contracts and procurement.

Test your knowledge of Investigative Report Writing with this quiz

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