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More short courses to select for your in-house training


Managing family and personal finances

the summitSSENGA way
Lighten your moods and get deep about matters family, sex and money. It’s a lively talk from the Summit Consulting expert who is a psychologist by training and was behind the founding of the Naguru Teenage Centre. This is one of the best trainings you will attend. If time allows, we shall end with the OddCouple –featuring Mustapha B Mugisa, and the summitSSENGA as we talk things sex, money and family. You don’t want to miss this.  


Team work

How to build and sustain teamwork.
Anytime two or more people work in the same environment, trust and teamwork can promote a solid professional relationship. However, building trust within a teamwork structure can be challenging. Acknowledging and respecting fellow employees’ expertise is an initial step toward building trust. Training, improving communication skills and creating activities for employees sustain trust by encouraging mutual respect.


Using ecommerce to market

As Guerrillas, we say everyone is in the sales business. The way of the guerrilla focuses on using a shoe string budget to make lots of sales. Whereas others are thinking about TV commercials and Newspaper ads, guerrillas are thinking about how to invest that budget in major agents so that they automate their shops using POS; and have more time to collect details about any customer entering their shop. That way, Guerrillas get close to customers, cultivate deep relationships and only go to main stream media when the clients are already ‘captive.’ During this talk, we share TheWayofTheGuerrilla marketing weapons. It is a must attend for all managers and above, even when you are not in the marketing and sales department. At least learn how to sell yourself!!!


PRINCE 2 Project management

An overview
At Summit Consulting we are both PMI and Prince2 project trainers. We find PRINCE2, offers more practical insights. Although this training requires 5 days to complete and is ideal managers and above, we shall summarize to create awareness of project management best practices. Having great practical project management skills not only by the Directors but all managers is essential for unprecedented success. The alternative is to hire us to conduct PRINCE 2 project management training to the managers and improve quality of projects.


Performance management.

What is the role of the performance management team?
How do you promote focus on results and not output. How do you establish a system that helps leaders to identify and recognize winners, while exposing the weakest links in the system?


Ethics and You

How to promote a culture of ethics and compliance.
As articulated in our strategic plan, a business’ success is anchored on quality products and services, consistently delivered in the most convenient and attractive way.  This means the integrity of the people in our innovations, R&D, purchases, packaging, stores, production etc along the chain must work with ethics. The talk explores how to promote ethics. 


Understanding the summitTOOLS.

We have issued out several tools to companies to facilitate execution.
This is a good session to communicate the same to all staff. And answer any questions. Specifically, there is need to structure the management forums.  


Disaster recovery plan / Business Continuity Plan

What is the best DRP plan for an organization powered by SAP?
This is a conversation for the folks in IT and Directors to help create a resilient company in case of a disruptive event. If Your company has a DRP or BCP plan, you can share with us and we revise it for you.

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