Penetration Testing Training

Course Code: IFIS/SCA/CS004

About this Course

This is a high-pace, PRACTICAL and HANDS-ON training course that provides all the advanced skills required to carry out a thorough and professional penetration test against modern networks and infrastructure.

This course will equip participants with the knowledge to to assess and mitigate the risk at which their network is exposed by building strong, practical in-house skills.

This is not an introductory course and prior knowledge is required as per the pre-requisites.

Target Audience

  • Application Developers
  • Incident Handlers
  • IDS Engineers
  • Network and Systems Penetration Testers

Course Outline

Pre-engagement Interactions
  • Introduction to scope
  • Scoping Meeting
  • Questionnaires
  • Web Application Penetration Test
  • Wireless Network Penetration Test
  • Physical Penetration Test
  • Social Engineering
  • Scope Creep
Intelligence Gathering
  • What is?
  • Why do it?
  • What is it not?
  • Target selection
  • Covert Gathering
  • Footprinting
  • Identify Protection Mechanism
Threat Modelling
  • High Level threat Modelling
  • Business Asset Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Threat Agents/Community analysis
  • Threat capability analysis
  • Motivation Modelling
Vulnerability Analysis
  • Testing
  • Active analysis
  • Passive Analysis
  • Validation
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Purpose
  • Counter Measures
  • Evasion
  • Precision Strike
  • Customized Exploitation
  • Tailored Exploits
  • Zero-Day Angle
  • Avenues of Attack
  • Overall Objective
Post Exploitation
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Pillaging
  • High Value/ Profile Targets
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Persistence
  • Report Structure
  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Report

Additional Information

The student is required to have a modern laptop device that can support virtualization technologies. With a minimum of 8 GB RAM and 120 GB Of storage.

This is not an introductory course and students will be required to know the following;

  • A working knowledge of ethical hacking.
  • Virtualbox or VmWare virtualization technologies.
  • Kali Linux and Metasploitable
  • Basics of Bash, Python and the Linux Command Line.
  • Host and Network Technologies.
  • Those who have done theorectical international certifications and are looking for a hands-on approach.
  • I.T Admins
  • IDS Engineers
  • Network and Systems Admins
  • Anyone with an interest in the subject.

5 days, $500

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